In the last few years, travelling has become much more stress-free and relaxing for people. The biggest game changer in this field is undoubtedly the accommodations. Those days are gone where you would spend half of your money staying in a hotel for a few nights. Rather, you can now rent out your own hotel, hostel or Airbnb according to the flexibility of your trip.

There are certain factors that determine if a hotel/hostel/Airbnb is suitable for you. These factors are the ones that you need to measure in order to choose the best for you.


If privacy is your main concern, it is better to stay away from hostels. The walls of most hostels rooms are very thin to reduce the construction cost, so you will not only be able to hear conversations of your neighbour; they will also be listening to yours. There are also specific areas where hostel guests roam around so be ready to share all your personal space here in a hostel.

With Airbnb, you can book an entire room or the entire place according to your preferences, but the cost implications can be a drawback. Here private rooms or the whole apartment can cost you a lot of money even more than a shared room.

Booking a hotel room is a very wise option if privacy is concerned. Here, no one can bother you until you ask them to. Common areas of hotels like lobbies are not much crowded and even if you go out to roam around the place, you will have plenty of space to look move and look around. This way you will also be able to look after your personal space, and you can easily enjoy being alone with yourself without having to deal with others all the time.

Price range

In this reference, hotels are no doubt the most expensive ones. But, with the increment in the budgets of hotels and availability of Airbnb options, the price range of hotel rooms is very wide. The prices of hotel rooms also depend on your location. If you are in a remote area, hotels will be very few but more hostels and Airbnb options. If you are at a popular destination, you may be lucky to find more options. These hotels also tend to have some form of additional dues and will make you pay them that money as a deposit amount before you are even checked in. But, if you are the kind of person for whom every penny matters, then staying in a hotel is not an option for you.

If you are conscious about your budget, you are more likely to find a much cheaper hostel or Airbnb for your stay. There are so many low-priced hostels and Airbnb accommodations everywhere in the world which are even cheaper than the cheapest hotel in that area. Many hostels these days have an option of self-sustaining accommodations charges for their guests such as laundry services, kitchen and locker rooms. These services will be given to you, but they will not be as all-embracing and personalized as hotels.

Finding cheap and less expensive accommodations through Airbnb is highly guaranteed, but it may take more time and effort from you. Though it is easy to set filters, if the accommodation is cheap, it is bound to be very small, very basic and very far from the centre of the city. If the destination you are staying is highly popular, then the possibility of value for money is very limited. You will have to go through numerous listings and find the one accommodation that fits your budget well.

Extra facilities

Hotels come with a wide range of exceptional services that come free when you are booking your room. Many hotels may offer you facilities such as a gym, running track, swimming pool, and even car parking if you need it. Many hotels have their own clinics and nursing staff that can at least provide first aid if there is an emergency medical situation. Security at all hotels is always ensured. You get free breakfast and can come to your room at any time of the day without anyone prying.

There is a personal touch in Airbnb. Here, you will feel more like home than any other place. Even if your room is shared, you will have access to all the things that you should in an apartment. Added benefits and extra services are complete no when it comes to staying in a hotel. These places are for budget travellers, and all the facilities are either shared or not available.